Adam Brigland Interview

1. Who has influenced you as an artist
Alongside my secondary school teacher Keith McPherson, my wife, artist Lucy Gough, and my time at the Royal College of Art and Jealous, I am hugely influenced by the practices of Eduardo Paolozzi, Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg.

2.  How has being in isolation effected your process
To be honest the positive is having the headspace to think and create.  It seems a little strange to say that though. I have also  become much more creative with the resources I have in the studio.  Ephemera and materials I had collated but forgotten about in the studio have been reevaluated and are now forming a valuable part of my current practice.  

3.  What’s next for you? (Shows, new work, collabs?)
Just before the lockdown I was working towards my solo show at Jealous London.  This has been postponed and all being well will be revisited later this year/early next.  Some new works with Danny Augustine as Augustine & Bridgland are also planned for an exhibition and commission.

4. What current artist are you most excited about?
I love the work of Rhys Coren, a really exciting artist and a lovely man.  We have been very fortunate to work with him at Jealous creating editions for Cristea Roberts.

5. What is your favourite artwork that you’ve created?
I am not sure if I have made that yet? To date I would probably my sculpture I Need This Wilderness For My Heart To Beat, which really seems to resonate with people.

6. Favourite artwork of any artist?
Wow that is really difficult and changes regularly but as I have to give an answer – James Rosenquist – F-111.

7. Favourite artwork you own?

I own a lithograph of one of the mural plans for the Tottenham Court Road Underground Station by Eduardo Paolozzi.  What a brilliant public art work that is.  Created in the early 1980’s, can you imagine something as colourful and ambitious being commissioned today, I very much doubt it.