Peter Frederiksen Interview

1. Who has influenced you as an artist?

Man, who hasn’t. I feel like I’m constantly taking from everything I experience. Cartoons, obviously, and their creators. Matt Groening and the other writers on the Simpsons for the way they handle humor and pain so interchangeably.

2. As an artist, what is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Drop out of art school! It’s the single-best piece of advice I’ve been given as a human.

3.  What’s next for you? (Shows, new work, collabs?)

I have a show in September with UNION Gallery in London, a show after that with Galleri Urbane in Dallas, and I’m just making as much work as I can before those!

4. Which current artist are you most excited about?

Trey Abdella (IG handle @mysticfishstick)

5. Which is your favourite artwork you’ve created?

Probably this commission I made a few months back for the Hyde Park Art Center here in Chicago, called “Peril!” (attached)

6. Which is your favourite artwork of any artist?

This changes so frequently, but I always come back to a piece by Philip Guston, called “Bad Time.” (attached)

7. Favourite artwork you own?

A painting by Emily Cross (IG handle @crossrecord) called “Poodle Running.”