Michael Craik Interview

1. Who has influenced you as an artist?
It’s really other artists and friends who I’ve either worked with, met or shared experiences with. People on the same path I guess.

2. As an artist, what is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 
In all honesty, I can’t remember. So I figured I’d better ask for some. Fortunately, Brian at @zemblagallery is a reservoir in this department so I’ll definitely be taking on board his “Sometimes you just need to be good to yourself”.

3.  What’s next for you? (Shows, new work, collabs?)
I’m currently working on a solo show at @andgallery_ in Edinburgh, which will open in October. Really looking forward to this one as it should have happened in July but was postponed as a result of Covid.

4. Which current artist are you most excited about?
I get more excited about a good exhibition. Last year I visited @museumvoorlinden and saw two stunning shows ‘Less is More’ and a solo show by Do Ho Suh. The year before ‘Coded Nature’ by @studio.drift at @stedelijkmuseum was a pretty special experience. 

5. Which is your favourite artwork you’ve created?
I made a series of four paintings for a show in Berlin in 2013. I actually still have them, so maybe they’re not that good 😂. I like them because I think they marked a noticeable change in my work. They remain some of the most pared down works I’ve made to date.

6. Which is your favourite artwork of any artist? 
That’s almost impossible to say. I have favourite artworks for different moods, places, memories etc. That said, if James Turrell built a Skyspace in my garden then I’d do very little else with my time other than sit in it.

7. Favourite artwork you own?
I just bought a beautiful woven piece by @yasuaki_kuroda which I love. However, my most treasured work is a small painting by my friend and artist @jordifulla_on who sadly died too soon in 2019.