Timothy Gatenby Interview

  1. Who has influenced you as an artist

Originally discovering Basquiat at around age 16 really propelled my interest in art, realising art could be raw and full of immense energy was very inspiring and the film is great. Gehard Richter is one of my favourite painters, the blurriness of paintings helps to create a distance between the image and the viewer and sort of dispel reality. 

2.  How has being in isolation effected your process

My studio is at home so probably got more work done. It’s been an odd 3 months and I’m glad it seems to be on the wane… 

3.  What’s next for you? (Shows, new work, collabs?)

I had a few shows postponed min March and April at Plan X in Milan and Waluso, London so hopefully looking forward to these happening later this year. Looking at bringing out some toys in the next few months as well ‘Stona Lisa’ print release.

4. Which current artist are you most excited about?

I just grabbed a print from Japanese artist TIDE (@idetatsuhiro) through Moosey and I’m a big fan of his work, I’d love to own an original but they seem to sell out very quickly! Also, CB Hoyo is one of the funniest artists around.  

5. Which is your favourite artwork you’ve created?

As Leonardo da Vinci is my all time favourite painter my personal favourites that I’ve made are, ‘Stona Lisa’ and ‘Yeezus Last Supper’. I’m a huge Kanye fan so was really fun to paint him with all the chaotic characters around him, the concept is inspired by Space Jam in that a human is warped into this cartoon reality. 

6. What is your favourite artwork of any artist?

Following on from the last question its Mona Lisa, the intrigue of her smile, the amazing history of the piece and almost golden-ghost like form. When I lived in Florence my flat was a few streets away from the studio it was painted which meant you’d be transported to 1503 every time you stepped out.

7. Most favourite artwork you own?

Really happy to have bought an original Marcus Nelson painting as a result of my Artist Pledge. I’ve been a big fan of his paintings for a while so couldn’t be happier to hang one on my wall. It’s a painting of a boxer, a sport which I’m pretty into, so good combo, sport and painting. Check him out: @marcus__nelson